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Social media marketing for real estate brokers is a great way to reach out to the right audience. The key areas where social media can benefit your business:

Reaching out to high-intent customers results in an increase in showings and requests for valuations.

More cost-effective than print - Digital has a higher ROI and can be tracked.

Increases brand awareness and trust - You can keep your brand in front of your customers' minds while also reaching a passive audience that will help feed your lead funnel in the long term.

It is no surprise that social media must be at the forefront of any branding strategy. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and any other platform, you must send the message developed in your brand identity. 

There is much more to Social Media than just posting listings, so having SalesFloods handing your brand’s social media accounts leaves you free to concentrate on your clients. 

Private Property's SalesFloods is an instant ad platform that allows Private Property agents to reach millions of individual clients through our consolidated online presence. We have the largest ecosystem of real estate enthusiasts in the South African market, from our website to social media platforms. Your prospective buyers are most likely crossing our path right now.

Here's the thing: your customers are almost certainly on social media. 

It would be a shame to invest in content creation only to have it go unnoticed in organic search. Every day, social media plays a more significant role in the visibility of web pages in search engines. In terms of search engine rankings, maintaining an active social media presence for your brand allows you to dominate the SERPs (A Search Engine Results Page is the page that appears after you type a query into Google, Yahoo, or another search engine) in another way and achieve a different goal: a better reputation. 

Use social media to make connections that will benefit your business, learn from others, be chosen for speaking opportunities, find sponsors for your events, etc. 

Your social media activity will provide you with the clout and visibility you need to identify and choose important opportunities.

The distinction between those who claim that social media does not work and those who are gaining customers, making sales, and consistently growing their audience with quality leads from their social media accounts is simple. They have a strategy that works. Here are a few things to consider before writing off social media: 

Know your audience - This is critical because not knowing this part means you're trying to talk to everyone, which means you're really just screaming into black hole and hoping somebody somewhere listens.

Knowing your target audience, what they want, need and where you fit in is essential to improving your social media marketing results.

You have to be consistent - Identify what your audience wants to see, produce it consistently, and continuously examine and fine tune it.

Post regularly, keep your audience aware, and you will gain more credibility and trust over time. Even if you don't see instant results, posting on a regular basis gives your audience a reason to return to your profiles, and it also helps to have new, valuable content when somebody looks you up or comes across your company.

The aim is to raise awareness and encourage more people to act on what the campaign is about. This is the time to immerse your intended audience in your brand and objective, get them engaged, and start giving their friends FOMO, which gets them involved too.

You want to make sure your target customers have a positive impression of your brand. You want them to equate your business with a specific product or service. You're promoting your unique selling point (USP) as well as what distinguishes your brand from the competition.

Who actually uses brand awareness campaigns? To be honest, they can be used by any business. An awareness campaign can help you if you're a startup trying to get noticed for yourself in a saturated market or an old company rebranding.

It’s kind of like asking how long a piece of string is. The length is dependent on the company's aims and objectives. But we understand that's not the answer you want to hear. So, as a guideline, we believe a social media campaign that focuses on content creation requires at least 90 days to gain traction and start to show results.

Keeping in mind that a social media campaign requires enough time to reach your target audience but should not exceed the time period in which customers may lose interest in your marketing.

All campaigns on SalesFloods are now set up for a full month, for maximum exposure and performance.

Throughout the launch of SalesFloods we’ve seen the best return of investment on Social spend to come from R1000 and over